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 Prenatal Hope

Saving Babies with Biotech

CES Innovation Honoree Tech for a Better
Prenatal Biotechnology Healthcare

Creating Safer Childbirth for Mothers & Babies

Fast & Accurate
Single Patient Use & Disposable
Reduction in Complications
& Liabilities




The VivO2
Biosensor PLATFORM Technology Solution

Birthing Centre
Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman

Our non-invasive products are all able to track trending pH to detect fetal asphyxia and distress in REAL time.  


This leads to:


REDUCING liability & LOWERING cost of care 

The VivO2
About Us



In 2018 an idea was born to help save the lives of mothers and babies.  In just a few short years, through the labor of love, time, and dedication Prenatal Hope has grown into both a company and a MISSION.  


Our Mission is simple; to save the lives of babies and mothers using biomedical technology.  The United States alone, with all the advancements in the medical field, is still one of "the costliest and most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth" (NY Times, 2018)  The amount of unneccesary C-Sections are occurring at a staggering rate.  The subjective data that drives doctors to perform these c-sections is often grossly misrepresented.  

Within the United States alone there are approximately 43,000 OB-GYNS operating in over 6000 hospitals.  On average, each OB will perform 100 childbirth deliveries a year; 33% of those being c-sections.  Of those C-sections, 1/3 that are performed are suspect for fetal acidosis.  That equates to over 400,000 C-sections performed at a cost of roughly $32 BILLION spent nationally just on an assumption. The effects of an unnecessary c-section far outweigh the higher costs associated with them.  C-sections can lead to complications to the mother such as bleeding and infections.  They often result in a difficult recovery and longer hospital stays.  They can also lead to breathing difficulties for babies.     

The global market is certainly the largest opportunity for Prenatal Hope with an emphasis on midwives and independent birthing centers.  Unlike the U.S., most births around the world happen outside of hospitals where midwives face much less regulatory oversight; this often entails much more as litigation as well.  The most target-rich environment is in Europe where 75% of all births are performed by midwives.  Prenatal Hope is aligned with a global distributor of medical devices to expedite sales to foreign markets.  

Our Team

 Our       Team

Tammy Dorsey, MS
Biomedical Engineer, Innovation Design

A fierce advocate for babies and children, Tammy Dorsey has taken her passion for saving young lives and invented an innovative device.  The VivO2 provides attending physicians with critical fetus oxygen levels. This advanced technology prevents complications at birth resulting from a lack of oxygen and minimizes unnecessary C-sections.


Mrs. Dorsey designed and fabricated the fully functional prototype of the VivO2 as the sum of her Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s education from Wichita State University’s unique program. She completed her Masters of Innovation Design degree and created the VivO2 all while raising six young children with her husband. 

Her numerous awards and accolades from prestigious universities and organizations have proven that the VivO2 is a ground-breaking contribution to the medical field and one that will ultimately save many lives.    


As CEO and founder of Prenatal Hope, Mrs. Dorsey is driven to protect mothers and babies and to make an even larger impact in the medical field. By continually exploring biomedical developments and contributing her knowledge within the engineering, biology, and medical field, Mrs. Dorsey hopes to influence other young girls to pursue their dreams and create innovative products that meet medical needs and saves lives.   

Daryl Mirza
Successful Serial

A pioneer in many industries, Daryl Mirza brings comprehensive career experiences and varied leadership roles to drive Prenatal Hope's innovative technologies. Mr. Mirza is motivated to help save as many lives as possible and get the life saving technology, the VivO2, into medical professionals’ hands across the country, and ultimately the world.


Over his extensive tenure in the technology and innovation industries, Mr. Mirza has combined his passion to best meet customer and market needs.


Most recently, Mr. Mirza served as President of Averus USA, where he propelled innovative fire safety products into restaurants and other facilities across the United States.  


Some of the highlights of Mr. Mirza’s 35 years of business include being founder/owner of such brands as Facilitec USA, National Fire Services, Rooftop Solutions/Grease Guard and ISM.  He holds multiple patents from his years of service and is constantly  evolving and creating successful businesses even throughout his

retirement in the service industry

Expert Advisors

 Our        Expert Advisors

Dr. Carl Christman VIII, MD OBGYN
MD/OBGYN Associates
Dr. Frank Sun
, MD
Retired Doctor of Obstetrics

Dr. Emre Kaylaap, MD
Doctor of Obstetrics

Dr. Don Rosen, MD
CRO Expert

Cooley Law Firm
Corporate Attorney

Hogan Lovells

IP Attorney 

Tarpey Wix
Business Attorney


 Our        Awards & Accolades


July 2021

Harvard University 1st Place Winner of Transcend Pitch Competition &

Winner of People's Choice


July 2021 

Rosalind Franklin Biotech Business Plan Competition 1st Place Winner $10K Award


April 2020

MATTER & Parkview Healthy Mom & Baby Innovation Competition Semi-Finalist

January 2020

Consumer Electronics Show Tech For a Better World Innovation Award Honoree 

December 2019

WSU Innovation Award and Breakout Award

October 2019

Pepperdine Grazianos School of Business Top 15 Most Fundable Company 


September 2019

WIB Chicago 1st Place Winner $2500 Award

June 2019

WBENC-SEP national Pitch 2nd Place $6000 Award

April 2019

Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge 2nd Place $4000 Award

March 2019

Venture Well E-Team Stage Grant $5000 Award

January 2019

WSU President's Innovation Award

December 2018

CES Eureka Innovation Space Award

November 2018

Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization 4/200 Nationwide Placing

Awarded WBENC 1st Cohort of 2019 out of 23 cohorts

May 2018

Engineering Open House Biomedical Engineering Excellence Award

Lear Jet Award of Excellence

Boeing Company Best of Show Winner 

April 2018 

Shocker New Venture Competiton Health Care Innovation 1st Place $10K Award




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Seminole, Florida 33772

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