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In February of 2007, a mother had just given birth to a baby boy who was experiencing fetal distress. There was never any indication that this was an issue until the very moment he was delivered and both the doctor and terrified mother saw that the baby was blue. This was not expected and was, unfortunately, a misdiagnosis during labor. Through traditional heart monitoring he had received a false negative when, in fact, he was in fetal distress.  Four NICU doctors immediately rushed in to bring life back into that baby boy.  They were successful and he is now a happy, healthy, and thriving 13 year old.  The mother would never forget those frightening moments in the delivery room and from that day forward envisioned a world in which fetal distress errors like her son's would be alleviated for mothers and babies alike.   


Determining fetal distress before birth, without risk to either babies or mothers, has not changed in over 30 years.  Currently, gauging fetal distress is difficult and the fear of misdiagnosis due to subjective data is one of the leading causes of medically unnecessary c-sections.  These c-sections bring with them higher costs and often put both mothers and babies lives at risk.  The United States, a country with increasing advancements in the medical field, is "... simultaneously the most expensive and one of the riskiest industrialized nations in which to have children" (The Guardian, Jan 2018).  Non-reassuring fetal heart rate tracing is currently not adequate enough.  Future innovation must lead to better detection of fetal distress, which can help reduce the number of c-sections; saving both money and lives.      


Tammy Dorsey, founder of Prenatal Hope, was the mother whose baby boy was experiencing fetal distress in 2007.  Since then she has been continually striving to seek better ways to improve the safety of the birth experience by raising the standard of care for both mothers and babies alike.  She hopes to make a direct impact in the prenatal care industry, while helping to make the United States as a safer place to give birth.  Prenatal Hope was created though a labor of love, time, and dedication in order to develop innovative products that are paramount to the safety of childbirth and to provide reassurance in the delivery room for both mothers and doctors, thereby reducing overall c-section rates.   


 Our       Team

Tammy Dorsey, MS
Biomedical Engineer, Innovation Design

     Prenatal Hope's Founder and CEO, Tammy Dorsey, received a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and her M.S. in Innovation Design and has been a lifelong problem solver. She actively engages in learning from multidisciplinary experts and professional colleagues around her to continue collaborations on state of the art innovations.  Her perseverance and dedication for solving unmet medical needs in the prenatal care space has become her life's goal.


      By continually exploring ground-breaking developments with her team, Tammy hopes to improve the safety of the prenatal birth experience by solving complex biomedical concerns. Tammy is passionate about bettering women’s health care to ensure that not only her own daughters will have a safer childbirth experience, but future babies and mothers will as well.   


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 Our       Awards & Accolades


June 2020

Not Impossible Labs~Not Impossible Awards Finalist


April 2020

MATTER & Parkview Healthy Mom & Baby Innovation Competition Semi-Finalist

January 2020

Consumer Electronics Show Tech For a Better World Innovation Award Honree 

December 2019

WSU Innovation Award and Breakout Award

October 2019

Pepperdine Grazianos School of Business Top 15 Most Fundable Company 


September 2019

WIB Chicago 1st Place Winner $2500 Award

June 2019

WBENC-SEP national Pitch 2nd Place $6000 Award

April 2019

Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge 2nd Place $4000 Award

March 2019

Venture Well E-Team Stage Grant $5000 Award

January 2019

WSU President's Innovation Award

December 2018

CES Eureka Innovation Space Award

November 2018

Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization 4/200 Nationwide Placing

Awarded WBENC 1st Cohort of 2019 out of 23 cohorts

May 2018

Engineering Open House Biomedical Engineering Excellence Award

Lear Jet Award of Excellence

Boeing Company Best of Show Winner 

April 2018 

Shocker New Venture Competiton Health Care Innovation 1st Place $10,000 Award

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