The first non-lacerating fetal oxygen detection device

The miracle of life.  And now, a life saving miracle - Viv02

1 in 10 babies suffers from fetal acidosis, or a lack of oxygen during birth.  VivO2 instantly detects fetal distress.

Introducing the revolutionary in utero testing device that instantly and effectively reads fetus oxygen levels. By measuring a baby’s pH, VivO2 gives attending doctors the crucial data necessary to make confident decisions and accurately detect fetal distress. Much like pulse oximeters revolutionized the ability to monitor oxygenations in an accurate and non-invasive way, VivO2 does the same for neonates while still in the womb. It’s a new standard of safety that will be available to hospitals, birthing centers and midwives. 

VivO2 greatly reduces the risks associated with oxygen loss during childbirth. With absolutely no danger to the mother or baby, our innovative technology prevents complications at birth due to a lack of oxygen while also minimizing unnecessary C-sections. 

Traditionally, medical professionals have been forced to make educated guesses of fetus distress levels based on contractions and readings from heart rate monitors. By providing vital oxygen level data, VivO2 removes the large margin of error that comes with relying solely on a doctor’s interpretation of the baby’s heartbeat. VivO2 gives attending physicians the entire picture of a baby’s overall health while still in utero. 

eliminates the risk.

The greatest risk is not having all of a baby's vitals.

Patents Pending

The Viv02 is constructed of the highest quality components - a monitor that instantly displays data readings, a wand that is inserted into the birth canal, and a sensor that measures pH that is quantified to 02.




non-invasive acidosis test that accurately measures a baby's 02 level while in utero once the mother's membranes have ruptured.

First non-lacerating

fetal pH detection


Viv02 can touch any

part of the baby's body to get a reading

Same size as an

internal sonogram


In just a few

seconds, Viv02

captures data.

Easily reads oxygen

levels between


Use as many times as

deemed necessary by the attending OB

or midwife

Special wipes and a buffering solution are

provided to sanitize the

device between


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